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Test Logins - a fantastic troubleshooting tool!
Posted by Vlad Trofimov on 01 March 2021 09:04 AM

Running into problems with certain desktops not being offered to end-users? Leostream offers an in-house login simulator that shows you step-by-step which desktops are being offered to end-users and WHY. Check out our video here demonstrating how this tool can quickly solve assignment issues.

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Leostream Connection Broker is here!
Posted by Vlad Trofimov on 23 February 2021 09:11 AM


The highly anticipated release is finally here, and with that comes a list of new features and bug fixes. Below is a high level overview of what you should expect with this new update:

  • Buffed up our SAML support to allow unique Entity IDs and dynamic tags
  • The RADIUS MFA workflow includes an option to let users request a push notification
  • Protocol Plans now include an option to launch the PCoIP soft-client from the web

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Expanding VDI Infrastructure to the Cloud!
Posted by Vlad Trofimov on 22 February 2021 09:13 AM

With Leostream, you have the power of one portal to enable a seamless experience for your end users, no matter where they are connecting from, while allowing IT administrators to model multiple business workflows. Watch our demonstration on how we expand an infrastructure from an on-prem VMWare environment to hosted desktops in Azure, all the while the end-user had no idea!

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Integrate Leostream with VMware
Posted by Vlad Trofimov on 08 February 2021 09:03 AM

Many of our customers use VMware as a hosting platform and use Leostream to manage VDI and remote access. Using Leostream allows you to integrate with multiple platforms to fully leverage your hybrid cloud environment and to provide a unified end-user experience. Check out our video here on how to integrate your VMware environment with Leostream!

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