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Why are the Leostream Agents marked “Unreachable” or “Unresponsive”? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software
Why are the Leostream Agents marked “Unreachable” or “Unresponsive”?
Posted by , Last modified by Karen Gondoly on 01 November 2018 09:47 AM
The Unreachable status indicates that the Connection Broker cannot call out to the Leostream Agent. Even if the Broker is receiving communications from the Leostream Agent, it will mark the Agent as Unreachable. A number of underlying issues can lead to Unreachable Agents, including firewalls and blocked ports. Check for these first if you notice Agents becoming Unreachable. When you install the Leostream Agent on a machine with an enabled firewall, the Leostream Agent automatically adds itself to the firewall exception list. It's important to check that this exception was successfully added.

Often, the Unreachable status can be resolved simply by refreshing the Agent Status column on the > Resources > Desktops page in the Broker. Click the "Status" link beside the desktop to see if the Status changes to "Available" again.

The Unresponsive status indicates that the Connection Broker may be able to call out to the Leostream Agent, but the Agent is not able to respond back. This typically occurs when the Leostream Agent is not properly configured for firewalls or SSL communication, or if the Agent doesn't have the correct Connection Broker address. See "Setting the Connection Broker VIP for Leostream Agent Responses" in the Connection Broker Administrator's Guide for help with correctly setting up DNS SRV records or the Connection Broker VIP.
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