How do I set idle time actions on the client workstation?
Posted by Louise Saidnawey, Last modified by Karen Gondoly on 01 November 2018 09:50 AM
To prevent unauthorized access to a user's remote desktop session, the Connection Broker provides two actions to take when the user's client workstation is idle. You can find these options on the Connection Broker > System > Settings page under the Leostream Connect Configuration heading.

The first option, Aadds the Lock Workstation item to the Leostream Connect System Tray menu on Windows operating systems.

The second option, defines the options which users can select as the idle time criteria, and the action when the idle time is met. When this option is selected, the Specify wait times for client workstation field appears. In this field, specify a list of possible wait times that the user can select from in Leostream Connect and enter values in minutes, separated by commas. You can define a default value using parentheses ().

Once the idle time has elapsed, the Connection Broker will take one of two actions. The se the user's open connections after the selected elapsed client workstation idle time. When using this option, select the Log out user after last connection is closed option to invalidate the user's Leostream Connect session and ensure that no additional desktops can be launched.  

The Lock Workstationock the client workstation after the selected elapsed client workstation idle time. The user must specify the Leostream Connect user's password to unlock the client workstation.

The user can override the 'Specify wait times for client workstation' and 'Log out user after last connection is closed' default actions on the Leostream Connect Options dialog. 
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