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How do I publish RemoteApp applications in Leostream?
Posted by , Last modified by Karen Gondoly on 01 November 2018 09:54 AM

The Leostream Connection Broker allows you to offer users access to RemoteApp applications alongside your other resources. The key is to first create a Remote Desktop Services/Multi-User Server center for the Windows Server that publishes the applications, and then configure pools and protocol plans to offer sessions to users.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create the Remote Desktop Services/Multi-User center by going to the > Setup > Centers page in the Broker and clicking Add Center.
  2. In the Add Center form, select Remote Desktop Services/Multi-User from the Type drop-down menu. Configure the rest of the form as needed. Our Connection Broker Administrator’s Guide provides more details on how to set up the Center, under the “Remote Desktop Services / Multi-User Centers” section.
  3. When creating the center, be sure to indicate the maximum number of users that can log into the server at a time, by modifying the Maximum concurrent connections field.
  4. Once you've saved the new center, go to the > Resources > Pools page and group the RemoteApp sessions created by the center into pools. Consider your use case before setting up the pools – do you plan to offer multiple applications to a particular user? If that’s the case, the best approach is to separate the sessions into different pools, based on application. If not, you can use a single pool.
  5. Next, go to > Configuration > Protocol Plans to configure protocol plans. Each protocol plan publishes one application, so create as many protocol plans as needed. Update the RDP Configuration File section in the protocol plan to launch a particular application on the RemoteApp server. See “RDP Configuration File Parameters” below for more details on the various settings.
  6. Finally, build a policy that offers RemoteApp sessions by associating each protocol plan with the appropriate pool of sessions. To publish multiple applications in one policy, you need to have multiple pools. For more details on that process, see “How do I configure my policy for more than one pool?” Also, it's important to note that each pool can only be referenced once per policy.

RDP Configuration File Parameters

Here are the RDP configuration parameters that will help you offer RemoteApp sessions to users. 


(Required) Determines whether a RemoteApp shoud be launched when connecting to the remote computer.




Use a normal session and do not start a RemoteApp.


Connect and launch a RemoteApp.


(Required) Specifies the name of the RemoteApp in the Remote Desktop interface while starting the RemoteApp.


(Required) Specifies the alias or executable name of the RemoteApp.


Optional command line parameters for the RemoteApp.


Specifies a file to be opened on the remote computer by the RemoteApp.

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