How do I build a Release Plan that always leaves the user assigned to their desktop?
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One option for providing users with persistent desktops is hard-assigning desktops to users. The Connection Broker always offers users their hard-assigned desktops, in addition to any policy-assigned desktops. A hard-assigned desktop is never released from a user, so release plans don't apply. You can perform a subset of release actions by configuring the Desktop Hard Assignments section of the user's policy.

To hard-assign a desktop to a user:

1. Go to the > Resources > Desktops > Edit

2. Select the Hard-assigned to specific user option from the Assignment mode drop-down menu. The Assigned user drop-down menu appears.

3. Select the user you want to hard-assign to this desktop from the Assigned user drop-down menu.

4. Click Save.

The Connection Broker uses the Desktop Hard Assignments section of the user’s policy to determine the settings for hard-assigned desktops. See Configuring Policies for Hard-Assigned Desktops in the Connection Broker Administrator's Guide for more information.

Another approach to providing users persistent desktops is to create a Release Plan with all Release to pool options set to "No." In the Connection Broker, the Default Release Plan is set to release the user's desktop back to the desktop's pool as soon as the user logs out of the desktop. After the desktop is released to its pool, the desktop is available for other users. If you want a user to retain their desktop assignment, you can create a new Release Plan that prevents the desktop from being released. In the When User Logs Out of Desktop section, select "No" from the Release to Pool drop-down menu. Make sure that you select "No" in all the Release to pool drop-down menus throughout the Release Plan. The user will remain assigned to that desktop, with their username appearing with the desktop on the > Resources > Desktops page, even after they log out.

If you need to manually release the desktop, you can click the Release link associated with the desktop on the > Resources > Desktops page. To manually release desktops, the user's role must select the Allow user to manually release desktops option, and their policy must not select the Prevent user from manually releasing desktop option.

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